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Panama Gambling License


The Online Gaming Act of 2002, provides the legal framework for the provision of the Gaming License in Panama.

    Permitted Activities

    The Junta de Control de Juegos (Gaming Control Board) is responsible for issuing licenses and monitoring the operations of all licensed gambling sites. Expansion began in 2002 in offering online gaming licenses to casino operators. Companies interested in establishing an internet gaming portal must be registered under the Online Gaming Act of 2002. Under this regulation, international betting is allowed through internet gaming.

    Legal Requirements


    Entity Requirements

    The entity making the application is a Panamanian company under the Panama's Corporation Law 32 of 1927 e.g. Corporations

    Director’s Requirements

    The Panama Company applying for the Gambling License requires at least three Directors.

    Shareholder requirements

    The directors can be from any jurisdiction.

    Minimum Capital Requirements

    The Control Board will ensure that an operator has sufficient financial resources to be able to successfully finance their online betting operation before a license is awarded.

    Ongoing Obligations

    • The jurisdiction of Panama closely regulates all gaming sites and companies operating with their approved license and ensures that all software used and games of chance meet the standards and regulations.
    • Licensed companies are required to maintain a complete record of all gaming transactions available for inspection by designated officials of the Panamanian Government at any time.
    • An annual fee is charged, and this is around $20,000. Operators must also pay a bond to the Control Board, and this is set on a case-by-case basis.